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Samson C01U Pro

The Samson C01U Pro USB Condenser Microphone is a fantastic all-around mic for podcasting, music and vocal recording. Based on Samson’s C01U, this is a super-cardioid mic at a price point that makes it attractive for a wide variety of consumers.

Samson C01U Pro – Build

The Samson CO1U  Pro USB Condenser Microphone ships with mini tripod stand and swivel mount for optimal desktop placement. Like the Samson C01U, the build quality is excellent. It feels heavy and substantial in your hand. With a simple retro look, the Samson CO1U Pro USB microphone has a heavy gauge mesh grill that protects a large 19mm diaphragm with internal shock mounting.


Samson C01U Pro – Setup

The beauty of a USB mic like the Samson C01U Pro is that you do not need converters, in/out boxes, preamps or mixers – just a USB cable. All the rest of that essential equipment has been shrunken down and placed in the mic itself. The Samson C01U Pro addresses a huge need for so many home recording specialists like podcasters, journalists, musicians, and students. The microphone also has a built-in headphone amplifier, so the headphones can be directly plugged in the mic with a 3.5 mm jack.

The main difference between the Samson C01U Pro Condenser Microphone and its cousin C03U is that the C03U has 3 pickup patterns(including omnidirectional pickup pattern). This is good if you are recording many instruments in a room. The C01U Pro is uni-directional so make sure to position it properly.

If you need to use a cardioid polar pattern, we recommend the Samson C01U Pro rather than the Samson C03U, as it shows a clearer sound reproduction.

The Samson CO1U Pro is easy to set up in front of guitar amps or drums. If you buy the optional shockmount make sure to put it in the special shockmount stand. You cannot use the stand that comes with the mic for the shockmount.

Samson C01U Pro -Drivers & Software

You can use the Samson CO1U Pro out of the box without downloading drivers off the internet or an installation CD. It works both on Windows and Mac and is compatible with most computer-based digital audio workstations.

Samson C01U Pro – Sound Quality

The Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone sound quality is excellent. It is well-balanced between bass, treble, and mid-tones. While some mics skew to either the low end or the high end the CO1U Pro is very even. Vocals are clear and bass is not sludgy or muddy. The top end is detailed but is sensitive to gusts of winds and other background noise. For vocals and podcasting type usage, make sure the gain is up and the source is as close to the mic as possible.

Samson C01U Pro – Industry Use

The Samson C01U Pro USB Condenser Microphone is a great solution for a lot of industries needing great audio:

– Musicians – the C01U Pro is ideal for musicians on the go. If you are in your hotel room in Prague, it will be hard to set up a studio rental to test some new musical ideas. Break the Samson C01U Pro USB condenser microphone out of your luggage, plug into your laptop, and you have a recording studio in a box.

– Podcasters – Edison Research says podcasting is more popular than ever before with audiences growing every year. Even better – the money earned by podcasters is higher than ever in history. Samson was one of the first manufacturers to meet the demands of podcasters with a medium-priced USB mic, the Samson CO1U Pro USB mic. As podcasting has evolved into offshoots like video blogging and webinars, Samson keeps pace.

– Education – on-line learning is exploding. Speaker and authors are morphing into expert coaches offering webinars, audio and video training, and more. They need inexpensive, quality equipment like the Samson C01U Pro condenser microphone. Samson is meeting the needs of educators of all regions with this quality microphone.

– Business – businesses are learning that content is king. Off-line brick and mortar companies are offering more content in the form of web-based product brochures, reviews, tutorials, and videos. Very few businesses have a studio ready to go to fulfill these content needs. The ability to plug and go with the Samson CO1U Pro is priceless for businesses that are already understaffed from layoffs and the poor economy. Now any executive or staff person can provide training and audio content at the drop of a hat.

Samson C01U Pro – Our Conclusion

Inspired by its brother, the very successful Samson C01U, the Samson CO1U Pro USB Studio Condenser Microphone is the core of the Samson USB microphone line-up. This USB microphone provides fantastic sound and great value with a quality build from a recognized industry leader.

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