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Samson C03U

With a wealth of exceptional specifications, the Samson C03U provides you with hands-free recording, multiple pickup patterns, and enhanced capabilities. Basically, you have the capability to place the microphone on your desktop and it records everything including a pin dropping to the floor. With the microphone clip with a USB cable, you have the capability to record at the cord’s length from any area of your chosen recording space. Just clip the microphone on your shirt and you are on your way to producing anything from podcasts to instructional videos.


The specifications of the Samson C03U are as follows:


  • Immediate plug and start recording feature
  • 19-millimeter diaphragm
  • 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz resolution
  • Smooth, yet flat frequency response
  • Desktop microphone stand
  • Switchable bi-directional and super-cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns
  • Carrying pouch

This microphone features a lightweight yet durable design allowing ease of mobility. The size of the product is slightly over standard, but it is not as bulky as other products on the market.


Is the Samson C03U Right for You?

If you want to chat with your friends or perform karaoke online, this is not the right product for you. A simple computer microphone provides you with adequate sound quality and capabilities for those tasks at a lower cost than the Samson C03U. However, this microphone is a valuable tool, if you regularly utilize dictation software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Most computer-based microphones fail to detect a multitude of dialects, which results in issues with this dictation software. With clear quality, this microphone provides you with an exceptional dictation tool when combined with Dragon Naturally Speaking. This tool is a true asset to interviewers, journalists, and discussion groups.

The Samson C03U USB microphone is best suited for anyone, who wishes to produce high-quality recordings, which includes vocals and a wide range of musical instruments. The product records regardless of the direction from which you speak or sing. If you record a live broadcast with a co-host, this product captures both voices without the need to transfer speakers. In short, if you require high-quality sound and/or audio recording, the Samson C03U is the best tool for your recording needs.


Musicians and Bands

Musicians and bands are other consumers in which this product is best suited. With this product, musicians have the capability to converge audio and computer technologies within a more mobile environment than allowed with other products. This microphone possesses an omnidirectional configuration that provides musicians to record solo or in unison with their band. With this product, the hurried musician records songs easily and efficiently from their own computer in any environment, large or small.


Podcasts and Other Broadcasts

If you produce your own recorded podcasts or other online programming, the Samson C03U USB MIC is idyllic, as it provides you with superb sound quality. This level of sound quality is phenomenal and produces crystal clear sound which provides listeners with the sensation that they were standing in the room at the time you recorded your audio files. The produced sound quality is also excellent for live broadcast shows, as this product provides podcasters and other broadcasters with star quality productions.


Professionals and Educators

Samson C03U is an essential tool for professionals and educators. If you are a professional, you utilize this recording tool when presenting multimedia presentations, as it provides a hands-free mobile environment. These professionals move freely throughout their presentations and possess the ability to update slides in PowerPoint presentations without limitation. The same is true of educators, who utilize podcasts, audio recordings, and these multimedia presentations to educate their students.

If you are an educator, you gain an essential tool with which he or she produces learning tools for campus-style and online students. This microphone is great for recording lectures, instructional videos used for class, and other demonstrations essential for learning.


Advantages of Samson C03U Accessories

The Samson manufactured a wealth of accessories for which the Samson C03U is capable. The Samson pop filter PS01 and the SP0 spider mount assist this microphone in recording enhancements.  These accessories, if used with this microphone improve the quality of your recorded vocals, adding to the existing pristine sound quality this microphone produces. The construction of the Samson C03U features a mounting bracket, which allows you to connect this microphone to any universal microphone stand.


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