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At PBX Info, we specialize in updating readers with the latest and selecting the best VOIP and conference equipment. Our goal is to help you get aware of the available quality VOIP and conferencing tools and help you pick up the right ones for your needs.


We create detailed articles about a product or groups of products. These guides could help anyone who needs to know the basics of the described hardware (or software) product- what it is used for, main types, features, use cases, pros, and cons.


We present features of different products. We compare what features are suitable for what occasions. This way, you can make an informed decision for a purchase.


Our reviews contain information about selected quality products. The reader can choose the item that fits their needs according to our product comparisons.

Our Recent Articles

There is no single model of VoIP desk phone that fits all, and that meets all business needs. The companies
Gone are the days when the only professionally equipped workspace can be the company’s office. The idea of the “office”
Modern business operations rely on IT infrastructure to a great extent. However, not all businesses can access experts, assets, and
Short Introduction: A reliable and feature-rich phone system is essential in today's business landscape. FreePBX, a popular open-source PBX (Private
Short Introduction Asterisk stands out as one of the most renowned and powerful options available in the realm of free
The iMageTech Wireless Speakerphone System came out around last year without much noise and it is hardly known in the
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