Benefits of IVR for your business


Interactive voice response

Interactive voice response (IVR) has been in use ever since the 1970s. It is one of the rare technologies that are still functional and able to aid businesses. IVR is popular in call centers. It is cited as major aid when it comes to productivity and workload.
Saying that IVR just relates to these two aspects would be injustice to this amazing concept. So let’s further explore all the benefits IVR can provide to your business.

How does IVR aid your business?

As paradoxical as it sounds, customer service is shifting more towards self-service.
Some researches have been made on the psychological benefits of self-service technologies. By the Theory of Planned Behavior, we find that people tend to feel better when they are in control over their goals. IVR allows people to feel just that – improving overall customer satisfaction.
Because your customer can choose the exact call center sector he will contact, he or she will feel like they’ve done most of the job by themselves. The sense of accomplishment will improve their self-confidence and help them remember the experience as a positive one.
But what else can IVR do for your business, other than improve customer satisfaction?

The automation of routine tasks

Adding IVR to your business gives you the opportunity to automate many sectors and reduce workload.
For instance, you have a situation where a customer wants to find out the working hours of your business. He calls the customer support number and two outcomes are possible:
Without IVR: Your already tired call-center operative has to answer the phone yet again and answer the same question for a millionth time today. The overall fatigue from performing repetitive tasks will hinder further productivity at your call center. When an actual problem arises, operatives won’t be efficient in finding resolution.
With IVR: Your operative is well-rested and isn’t bored because most of the repetitive queries are handled by the IVR. As they face real issues and important calls, they will muster all their efforts into resolving them much faster than without IVR.
increasing productivity is perhaps the most important benefit of IVR for business.
Repetitive tasks have adverse effects on physical and mental health. IVR makes the job more dynamic, causing them to be better and more productive.

Better preparation for your agents

Timing is everything in the world of customer service. When a customer has to verbally explain his or her problem, he loses both time and patience. Additionally, the agent loses valuable time that.
Without IVR, customer support centers lose hours upon hours just by hearing explanation. With interactive voice response, your support agents will know exactly what to deal with.
During the call, a customer can navigate through the menu via the use of numbers on his keypad. When they choose the subcategories that match their problems, the conversation will be much swifter.
Hearing only details, your agent will solve the problem much faster because he knows what to expect. IVR removes the possibility of non-resolvable problems for your customer support center.

Managing priority

Every company has different levels to their customer support system. The most complex problems are assigned to the most experienced agents. IVR simply directs the right problems to the right people. Having such a system allows you to put the “less relevant” issues on hold.
Jonathan Smith Jr., a brand management expert at Essays.ScholarAdvisor, gives his take on priority in customer service. “IVR is a life-saver in modern-day customer service. A customer can define his problem before the conversation with an agent. In a moment’s notice, the call will be redirected to the person in charge. Your customers will be served by the right people, all the time.”

Reducing training costs

Staff service agents are not born with their skills.It is your duty to train them, when they get hired by your company. You have to cover and elaborate every task, so that they can provide the desired performance.
With IVR, you drastically reduce the number of subjects you have to teach them. This results in major savings that you can allocate to improve your customer service sector as a whole. It’s all about fund management.

Applicability in all business fields

IVR is an excellent choice for any business because it’s never specialized. Any industry can use this feature to improve their customer service.
Here are just some of the possibilities in different business areas:
Banking – assisting your customers with applying for loans, recovering lost cards and much more
Telco industry – resolving issues, clarifying information and establishing conversions
Online retail – provide more information about a product and resolve problems concerning that same product

IVR makes life easier for both, you and you customers. Since most issues will be resolved by an automated system, your agents will be more efficient and dedicated to important tasks. Regardless of the industry in which it resides, your company will benefit from IVR in a multitude of ways.

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