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Customer relations and communication in the online business environment are the things that bring results and boost bottom lines. The way we handle these two things directly influences the impression customers and business partners get from your entire operation. Good communication within and outside your online venture plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and productivity, as well as its image. This is especially true when you target a worldwide audience.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by many different factors related to your website including its design, content, policies, and many other details. The importance of achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction in the online environment is even greater because there is no direct communication between the customer and the vendor, which makes establishing trust between the two a lot harder. So, on the one hand, you have a greater potential for exposure and customer base expansion, but on the other hand, we have this problem of converting visitors into leads.

There are ways to resolve this trust issue by focusing on a couple of things.

Public business information

One of the greatest barriers to doing business online is the fact that a lot of your potential customers are not sure if your business is legit or not. After all, you are just a website which offers services or products with no guarantee of delivery and no way of getting their money back. It is quite logical that they are reluctant to use their credit cards. You need to do everything possible to reassure them that you are running a legitimate business. This is partially achieved through the publication of relevant information about your business, to confirm its legitimacy. 

Most commonly disclosed information:

-official email address

-office address

-support phone number

-short company history

It is also a good idea to use real employees with your c

User-focused design

Not all of your customers are going to be IT proficient and some of them can have problems with complicated layouts and design tricks. The intuitiveness of the design is a priority. The whole road a customer needs to pass from landing on your site for the first time to them making a purchase needs to be logical. Metrics can help here. There are tools you can use to identify the most common points of abandonment and rectify the design so that it does a better job of converting visitors into customers. Some designers use personas to create user design solutions, which will be optimal for their target audience. All in all, try to avoid outshining the usefulness of the design by focusing on its visual side.

Customer support

Some form of direct communication needs to be possible, since no matter if you are selling online services, products that are later shipped to customers, or making money by selling anything online, your customers will surely find themselves in situations where they would like to contact a representative. A need for this can arise before and after the business transaction between the two parties has been completed and it is crucial for customer satisfaction. This stands for both B2B and B2C situations. The more expensive your services or products are, the more information people will need since they are getting into a bigger investment and want to know if they are spending their money right.

For this kind of setup, PBX works best, especially when you take into consideration the impression of professionalism they leave. They can also be used to automate the process of routing calls to the right people and automatically avoid hiring more people. Skype is great, but it really isn’t up to the task of offering quality customer support.


The online environment can be very detached and businesses start viewing customers as numbers. Once you start putting faces on those numbers, you can start focusing on getting a high level of customer satisfaction. This is especially important when you are new and you want to start strong since your brand reputation is on quite a low level and so is the trust your customers will have in you. Websites like eBay, with a strong brand presence, don’t have to deal with these issues, but still, need to have a well-established communication with their customers. Also, timely response and reimbursements when mistakes occur on your side of things go without saying when we talk about customer satisfaction.

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