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Fixed-Mobile Convergence technology supports new green practices at work

Today businesses of all sizes implement various technical solutions. High accessibility of enhanced technologies increase their efficiency. Yet, many companies overthink the constant need of excessive equipment at the office.

Acknowledging the need of green computing is the first step towards environmentally conscious behavior at work.

Organisations develop more sustainable approach by applying green practices within their corporate culture and office policy. A few small changes at the workplace will make a significant difference in the way businesses affects the environment.

Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the most popular environmentally friendly trends. It can be easily implemented by any SME. The concept is to encourage employees to use their personal mobile devices for business purposes as well.

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) is the technology that makes the BYOD idea applicable at any company. It supports the integrated and seamless connectivity between fixed and mobile networks. This allows a mobile device to also be used as a fixed phone line.

Green Computing includes all measures focused on implementing ecologically sustainable technologies in the company’s ICT.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence consists in bringing together your fixed and mobile phones using one single number.

Bring your own device practice is a result of 3 distinct tendencies that have shaped modern workplace:
  • Flexibility at the office is a key factor in today’s work environment. Working from anywhere and from any device is a widely adopted corporate practice to improve team productivity. 

If your company still offers only the traditional fixed workstation as work options for its employees, it is time to adopt new technologies. 

  • Blurring the line between professional and private space and time. It is a common practice for many to answer business emails from their smartphones after work time. 

Expecting employees to be available overtime considering the work-to-life balance is a delicate issue. At the same time business emergencies happen often and being able to react on time could be priceless.

  • Sustainable approach as part of corporate development strategy. With the advent of modern technology many businesses are conscious about the impact they have on the environment.  

Today companies have access to various advanced technologies and hardware. Their high accessibility often leads to the excessive use of office tech equipment. That way company’s operations contribute to the increasing negative impact on the environment.

Why consider promoting BYOD and green computing at work?

  1. Business related benefits:
  • cost savings

There is no need for constant investment in new devices.

  • flexible working possibilities for the staff 

Employees can choose the location from where they connect and work.

  • increased team productivity 

BYOD users feel more confident and secure as they work with familiar tech.

  1. Society-related benefit

Sustainability is very important objective for any modern company. It should be the primary reason to apply BYOD and green computing concept within an organization.

Allowing the employees to use their own mobile devices is an energy saving decision. It helps to lower commuted emissions and decreases the overall carbon footprint of the business.

According to different surveys PCs* (even the latest models) still disturb strongly our ecosystem. Portable devices consume 80% less energy compared to the personal computers that are connected with external power-cord-line. Laptops, tablets and smartphones charge faster and can operate for a day without the need of recharging. 


How to apply BYOD practice at your company?

Implementing BYOD as part of your company’s green policy allows the team to reuse their personal cell phones. 

Stimulate your employees to bring their own devices and use them for business purposes. You can start with the cell phone. Encouraging employees to bring their personal mobile phones at work could have a huge impact. This way everyone can participate in a green initiative

For the company this means no need to buy new business cell phones. For the employees you increase the working satisfaction presenting yourself as a green company. For the environment, the result is less energy consumption for new devices’ manufacturing. Additionally natural resources, typically used for the production, will be conserved.

Using a smartphone for dual-purposes improves working ecosystem in several directions. It has a positive environmental impact, it simplifies company’s business telephony experience and it boosts employee’s satisfaction. 

Helping the environment and helping your business to communicate smarter seems like a win-win concept for any modern company. Fixed-Mobile Convergence supports the modern sustainable office concepts like BYOD. It makes today’s workplace more flexible, effective, professional and environment friendly.

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