How to Avoid Investing in Infrastructure: Small Tips for Small Businesses

One of the greatest barriers for small businesses and startups is the fact that they often don’t have the necessary funds to invest in their own development. This problem is quite common and can put a stop to healthy company growth and force businesses to pass on projects that they could handle if they had the necessary resources. The prospect of creating a valid infrastructure that functions without a hitch is an ambitious one indeed. The whole process takes careful planning, large investments and research.

Infrastructural and equipment issues are usually the ones that stand in the way of progress since large scale operations that include a large number of clients or customers require well-arranged communication and an IT infrastructure with top-notch features and regular maintenance.  There are ways to circumvent large investments, get the equipment and services you find necessary for expansion and keep growing.


The Bring Your Own Device philosophy is nothing new, especially for startups. Encouraging that everyone uses their own, private devices for work can provide your office with the necessary IT equipment. It will also help people feel more comfortable while working since, let’s face it, we all feel a bit uneasy when using IT equipment we do not own. This also takes care of the maintenance part for office equipment, since everyone takes care of their own equipment. The situation is not without flaws though. At the end of the workday, people tend to bring their devices home, and in some cases, they might even lose them. This poses a great security risk for sensitive user and company data and may lead to third-party breaches into your system. There needs to be a protocol which will come in place when any potential threat arises. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Cloud Hosting

As far as servers go, we all know that it is quite costly to set up a private data center. On top of that, it is no walk in the park to keep it running smoothly since it requires constant attention, software updates, clean-ups, security updates, backups and so on. This directly means that you would have to hire people to take care of the data center, on top of building one from scratch. You can cut the costs of getting quality hosting by going for Cloud hosting, for which you pay on a per-use basis. This allows you to cut the costs of hosting when you see no need for it and raise the resources that are at your disposal when you need them through a control panel that is at your disposal 24/7.

Call Centres

Outsourcing customer support to offshore call centers is a common practice and can function rather well. When dealing with a lot of customers that need support, feedback, and inquiries, it might become hard to manage it all with efficiency.  We are all very aware that customer satisfaction is crucial for the development, and outsourcing this to some well-established company may be the solution to your problems. Be cautious when choosing your partners though, since not all call centers will offer satisfactory customer support and may very well drive away your customers instead of drawing them in.


If you want something done right, do it yourself, as the old saying goes. PBX offers great flexibility, affordable monthly fees, and great service without forcing you to invest in equipment, maintenance and space. A well-set PBX will help you get the right calls to the right people with the minimum waiting time. In some cases, especially in a B2B environment, you can’t let your potential leads get handled by anyone. It might include sensitive information or special skills and educational backgrounds to handle some support issues or inquiries. This is why it is far better to have a PBX set than to rely on external call centers.

The Digital Era

Thanks to the advancement of IT technology, small businesses have a lot of options when it comes to managing functions that were reserved for corporate environments. All it takes is finding a setup that suits your needs specifically.

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