iMageTech wireless speakerphone system

The iMageTech Wireless Speakerphone System came out around last year without much noise and it is hardly known in the US and EU markets. The system consists of a central device that can connect up to 6 wireless speakerphones or lapel microphones. 

At a Glance

The speakerphone system consists of:

  1. iMageTech speakerphone system M6
  2. iMageTech wireless Speakerphones A6
  3. iMageTech lapel microphones A7

At a first glance, all of the devices are well build. The plastic looks cheap but the products are sturdy and a bit bulky.

All of the devices use physical buttons which is something we have not seen in years. That excited us at first since all of the competitors are using touch buttons. Sadly only the lavalier microphone had a nice button, while the speakerphone and the docking station use membrane buttons that just feel bad.


The design is outdated but easygoing and functional. All of the devices are rigid and a bit too plain. The buttons are a bit too many yet they are all in the right places. We are happy to say that all of the devices look a lot better in real life than they are in the pictures

On the bad side, there are too many lights. All of the buttons are illuminated with a bright white light. In a bright environment, this is actually welcome but in a gloomy office, the lights are a bit harsh on the eyes.

User Experience

The hub, the speakerphone, and the lapel mic are fully plug-and-play. We installed no software to run the tests and all of the devices connected and ran well without one. The devices are easy to work with and usually require no attention from the users.

While the manufacturer states there is noise suppression build-in the devices we didn’t notice that. The devices will catch all sounds in the room which makes them more suitable for quiet environments or well-insolated rooms. Additional use of noise suppression solutions for the conversations solves this problem.


We really liked how many ways there are to connect everything. Almost every way to connect is present and it is one of the easiest systems to work with. The wireless connection range is also nice. We separated the devices 16 feet (5m) and the connection remained stable.

A bit of a disappointment was the use of the now outdated micro USB ports on all of the devices. Fortunately, all the required cables are provided.

The hub device (M6)  can be connected with a USB to a computer or with In/Out cable to your audio system. It can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously and it makes sure that they work well together.

The speakerphones (A6) can be connected to the M6 wirelessly. Alternatively, they can be connected to a computer with Bluetooth 5.0 or a USB cable. An Input/output jack is also available. The speakerphones can fully operate while charging too which is a nice addition that we did not expect from an unknown company. 

The lavalier microphones can be connected to the main system (M6) or to a Bluetooth device. A nice touch was the option to connect headphones to it as well.

When connected wirelessly could not detect any lag and the voice always came out flawlessly 




Being a full audio solution we expected a bit more from it. The microphone audio quality on all of the devices is comparable to mics in the budget range. The mic sound quality is not bad and it is not too quiet but we feel they could have done a bit better.

The Mic pickup range on A6 is good and consistent up to 7 feet (2m) with the sound volume starting to fall after. All the mics are Omnidirectional and there is no way to change the polarity. Combine that with the microphone pick-up range of 10-16 feet (3-5m) range and you have a small disaster without some kind of noise suppression. 


The sound that comes out of the speakerphones and the lapel mic headphones is tuned for human speech. The volume is a bit on the low side but it is more than loud enough for a normal environment. The sound is clear when used for human speech but it gets really distorted if other sounds are played. Music or any tune that often accompanies presentations will come out distorted and uneasy on the ears.

Battery Charging & Durability

Both the lapel mic and the speakerphones have nice durable batteries. The speakerphones will easily last a full day of constant meetings. And the lavalier mic lasted about 5 hours of nonstop use when we tested it.

The devices will start flashing when the battery is at about 20% to indicate that they need to be charged. And the speakerphones can be used while charging even if someone forgot to charge them before the meeting.

Final Words

The iMageTech provides a nice and reliable conferencing solution. It is easy to work with, with practically no installation needed. And while it might have a few minor setbacks we liked using it.

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