The MXL AC-360-Z V2 is one of the most popular USB conference microphones. It is exquisitely designed to work with Zoom and Zoom Rooms.

The older version MXL AC-360-Z, as stated by the manufacturer, can also work with other platforms. The two versions of MXL AC-360 do not have any difference in design.

At a Glance

The MXL AC-360 mic has a solid all-metal construction. It is offered in black and white color.

The mic has removable rubber legs which help place it firmly on the table. Mounting pads are also included in the package. So the microphone can be placed directly on a table or installed as a ceiling mic, too.

In any case, the mic uses both a USB-C cable to connect to a PC and a DC power supply.

The package together with the mic all in all includes:

  • mounting pads
  • power supply
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • right angle USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • right angle USB-C to USB-A cable

What is the MXL AC-360 V2 Suited for?

The mic MXL AC-360-V2 is specifically suited for Zoom Rooms and Zoom. If you prefer to use another type of platform or software, we recommend the MXL AC-424, MXL AC-44, or the older version of this mic MXL AC-360-Z.

All these mics do not differ in audio quality. Still, the first two options are directional boundary microphones, while the MXL AC-360 V1 and V2 both have 360-degree coverage.

Also, take into account that the MXL AC-360 V2 works just like a microphone. It does not have a speaker included. If you’d rather need a mic and a speaker in one device, we recommend the Jabra Speak 710 or Jabra Speak 810

The mic is suited for huddle and middle-sized rooms with up to 7-8 participants in a range of up to 25 feet. For larger rooms and a greater number of people, it can be daisy-chained with up to two more devices using USB-C cables. 

Audio Specifications

The MXL AC-360 V2 comprises 12 microphone capsules so that it has 360-degree coverage. The mic actually is built up of four mics MXL AC-404 (3 capsules each). 

That is why there is no difference in the audio quality between the AC-404 and the AC-360 V2, just in the direction, they capture sound.

Thanks to its wide range the mic delivers clear sound and gives freedom to the participants to move around freely while speaking. A single MXL AC-360 V2 mic can cover a room 25 feet wide and up to 7-8 participants.

If you plan to install hardware equipment for a greater number of participants, the mic has the option to daisy-chain up to 2 more microphones together with the main unit. So three AC-360 V2 can take up to 20-25 participants in one Zoom Rooms installation.


The MXL AC-360-V2 is a preferred choice for Zoom meetings thanks to its wide range. It is not just a preferred choice. What’s more, thе mic is specifically designed to be used only with the Zoom app. The manufacturers themselves claim that they do not guarantee the audio quality of the mic when used with another kind of platform. 

If you prefer to use a similar mic for another platform, you can take a look at the older version MXL AC-360-Z, or the other directional USB boundary mics of MXL – AC-424, and AC-44.

The MXL AC-360-V2 is quite easy to connect to any kind of Windows PC or Mac. It is a plug-and-play microphone. No drivers are required. 

The microphone has USB 2.0 and 3.0 connectivity. It uses a USB-C plug to connect to the PC and has two more USB-C plugs to be daisy-chained. So in case you need to cover a range of more than 25 feet, you can connect the AC-360-V2 with two more microphones, which are the same model or the other models of MXL boundary microphones – AC-424, AC-404, and AC-44.

None of the MXL boundary microphones has a Bluetooth option so far. If you prefer a Bluetooth microphone for a cleaner and tidy desk, a good choice is the speakerphone EPOS | Sennheiser SP 30 or Jabra Speak 710.

Final Words

MXL AC-360-V2 is an excellent USB microphone for Zoom Rooms installations. Still, it is not a Bluetooth mic.

Being used only with the Zoom app may be accepted as a limitation by the user.

Still, the mic boosts the audio quality and ease of use it offers. It has a wide range and this is the microphone’s main advantage. So if the MXL AC-360-V2 fits your needs, do not hesitate to make it part of your Zoom Rooms equipment.

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