AC-424 is a plug-and-play microphone that can create a professional conference room setup without needing a complex and expensive microphone system.

At first sight, MXL AC-424 is a plug-and-play USB microphone that is just too perfect for web conference meetings. It just might be the right tool to quickly and effortlessly turn any room into a conference room. On top of that, it also works both on Windows and Mac without needing any drivers or additional hardware.SALE

MXL AC-424 Executive USB Conferencing Mic with Mute Button
  • A wide-angle pickup captures sound accurately in a conference room
  • Three-capsule array with the 180-degree pickup pattern
  • Compatible with PC and Mac computers
  • Backlit mute button for private remarks
  • Headphone jack


MXL AC-424 is an improved version of the popular AC-404 model. Like its “older brother,” the AC-424 uses three cardioid capsules and catches sound from all directions.

AC-424 has been made for larger rooms. This boundary mic ranges 25 feet to be used in wide spaces. Also, there is no limit to the number of participants using the mic. It properly catches speech as long as it is not used farther than 25 feet.
The available headphone jack can be useful when making the conversation private.

The mic is also great for video conferencing or streaming, thanks to its low-profile design. When making video calls, it does not get in the way of the picture.


MXL AC-424’s appearance has been considerably improved. The all-metal mesh and low-profile body feel are still there. It no longer looks edged and now has a rounded look to it. A white plastic mute button has been added to the back topside, which somewhat ruins the good look. To compensate for that, the button is backlit and is visible when turned on.

Sound Quality Hardware differences between MXL AC-424 and MXL AC 404
While looking different at first sight, both microphones are almost the same on the inside. Тhere are some minor improvements because of the mute button that have changed the circuit board layout. But all the main components are unchanged, and the 3 microphone capsules are the same. This means that both mics produce the same sound quality.

If you do not need a mute button, we still recommend getting the AC-404. It uses the same capsules with the same range and polar pattern. You will get an excellent quality USB microphone at an even better price.

Why would you choose this mic?
The AC-424 is a good choice because it has excellent audio quality for a USB mic, a wide range, and is easy to use. It does a great job removing small background noises, although it is a USB mic, not an XLR microphone.

XLR microphones are usually of higher quality and have noise-proof technology. They use expensive professional tools, like receivers or mixers, to improve sound quality. And their cables are also of high quality, further securing audio signal transmission. You can find more info about different types of boundary microphones in our article about the best boundary microphones.

The AC-424 is a USB microphone that somewhat cleans the small background noises. And it comes with a USB cable in the package. It does not need an expensive mixer or radio receiver to work, making it a cost-efficient alternative to the expensive XLR microphones.

MXL AC-424 is perfect if you travel and change offices frequently. It is also great when you often want to rearrange the furniture in the conference room.

Speakerphones are a great alternative to boundary microphones like MXL AC-424, as they have a microphone, a speaker, and the basic phone functions integrated into a single piece of equipment. Most newer models possess wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Just like USB boundary microphones, speakerphones are small and easy to move. So they are an excellent choice in case of rearrangement of the furniture in the room often, video and online conferencing.

You do not need to bother about any compatibility issues. It works on Windows and Mac, so it should work on any computer. You also do not need to install any drivers.
You can have a conference call with it in a large room and make the meeting private if you use the headphone jack.
The AC-424 is also a great choice for live streaming. And it is perfect if you do not want the mic to be visible, thanks to its decent unobtrusive design.


  • Both AC-404 and AC-424 have a headphone jack.
  • AC-424 is an improved model of MXL AC 404
  • both have three cardioid capsules – with a 180-degree pickup pattern
  • USB connectivity – plug and play – easy to use; any room can be used as a conference room with this microphone
  • 25 ft range, the AC-424 captures sound accurately, even in large rooms
  • a backlit mute button to enable private remarks
  • the headphone jack allows you to hold a private conference
  • (nearly) an all-metal construction, low-profile body with curved lines
  • compatible with Windows and macOS computers
  • simple to use – plug-and-play, no drivers, no additional hardware or software are necessary
  • great sound quality
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 16kHz
  • Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz – 48kHz
  • USB compatibility: USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • A/D converter: 16-bit Delta-Sigma with THD+N – 0.01%

What we liked:
We liked that they kept a robust body. And the new design is an improvement. The sound quality is high, and we liked the range from which the mic picks up voice. We liked how portable the mic is with its detachable USB cable and headphone jack.

What we did not like:
The mute button is too large and plastic. While it is undoubtedly easy to hit, it is not quite pleasant to the eye. We liked the all-metal body of the old model, and getting used to the new one might take us some time. The travel bag was not included in the package like it was with the old model.

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