Shure MX202 is best used for choirs, presentations, and performances where only a part of the room needs to be sound. A microphone like MX202 is capable of reproducing high-quality sound coming from a large group of performers in close range to the mic.

The microphone has an excellent audio reproduction for a reasonable price. Its audio quality is comparable with the audio quality microphones of the same type at a double or triple price.

At a Glance

Shure MX202 is a cable condenser microphone offered in a black or white finish. The mic has a minimalistic design that matches unobtrusively with different surroundings.

Shure MX202 stands out among its competitors with a 4-inch long gooseneck which helps to perfectly aim the mic at the performers.

The microphone has preamp options and the possibility to switch between cartridges with a different polar pattern. It is necessary to pick between the available preamp and cartridge options when buying the product.

If you are not sure about the right options for your particular situation, check out the Audio Specifics section of this article.

Audio Specifics

The Shure MX202 is designed for recording or amplifying the sound of a single performer or multiple performers. It can be successfully used for both, speech, and singing.

MX202 is an overhead microphone as it is stated in its spec. It is mainly used for choirs, presentations, different kinds of performances. 

The presence of a gooseneck even broadens its scope of use. The MX202 can also be used as a standard gooseneck microphone provided you put it on a table stand for this purpose.

If you consider Shure MX202 as your buying option, you need to take a closer look at the available variations of this model, so you pick the best version for your situation:

  • Preamp options. The microphone is available with an in-line preamp or with a plate-mounted preamp. The inline preamp comes with a stand adapter. So the choice between the two depends on whether the microphone will be installed in a permanent location or it will be portable.
  • Switching between cartridges with a different polar pattern is another option to think over when choosing this model. There are cardioid and supercardioid options available.

Our recommendation goes for the cardioid MX202 /C version. It performs slightly better audio quality compared to its supercardioid twin. It is also best suited for a variety of situations.

It suits perfectly well for catching the sound of a single performer or a small group of performers. The cardioid capsule can capture sounds at a larger angle(130 degrees) compared to the super-cardioid capsule(115 degrees). 

Choosing the right type of cartridge is not the only thing to do, to improve sound quality. To get the most out of a microphone like MX202, it is most important to keep the microphone at an optimal distance from the sound source.

As an overhead microphone, the MX202 is designed to be positioned in front of the performers on the stage and above them at the same time. 

The microphone has to be positioned 2-3 feet above the performers in the last row, and 2-3 feet in front of the performers in the first row.
If you use more than one microphone at the same time, make sure that there is a distance of 6-9 feet between them.

Do not need to worry about radio-frequency interference or electromagnetic hum with this microphone. For optimal radio-frequency immunity, we recommend choosing the plate-mounted preamp option of the MX202 model.


Shure MX202 is an XLR connected (with phantom power). It is connected to a mixer. Due to the relatively short range of the mic, for a larger group of performers, 2 or more microphones can be used at the same time.


Like most of the Shure products, the Shure MX202 comes with a 2-year warranty. It is valid only when the purchase is from an authorized reseller.

Final Words

The gooseneck is a good feature to perfectly aim at the sound source. For a larger group of performers 2 or more microphones can be used at the same time.

Shure MX202 is an excellent microphone for the price. For even better audio quality you may need to look for a microphone at a higher price range, for example, DPA 2011C.

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