Simple steps on maintaining your VoIP Headsets in good condition

In most companies, VoIP headsets are used daily. Because of that, they wear out faster than normal headsets and often get damaged. Most of them are made to be sturdy but like all headsets, they have fragile pieces and electronics that can break if not well taken care of. It does not matter if they are corded or wireless, those headsets can be damaged if misused.

Taking care of the headsets does not require great effort. It only involves simple steps that will greatly help to maintain the headsets in good working condition. All that is required are that the employees follow some simple rules, few wipes, and storage bags or space.


Headsets have parts that are made out of plastic. They can be easily deformed at extremely hot temperatures. That is why they should not be left in direct sunlight and temperatures that exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extremely low temperatures can affect the battery life of wireless headsets. At low temperatures, the battery life expectancy might be cut in half and the actual talk time can drop by 10-30%. At extremely low temperatures the battery might just die and render the headsets useless.

It is not a good idea to leave the headsets inside a car!


Moisture can damage the quality of any headset. All headsets have to be kept away from moisture. Excessive sweating and use in the rain are the main reasons for headset failure because of moisture. The moisture that can be accumulated by your headset can short out electrical components and may affect the headset. Moisture also gradually lowers the sound quality of the headset.

If the work conditions demand that the headsets are used in moist conditions then they can be stored with bags of silica gel when the shift ends.

Cord problems

Properly store the headsets. Wrapping the cords around the headsets should be avoided if possible. This weakens the cord and may deteriorate or deform the plastic covering that surrounds the cord. Twisting or twirling the cord while using it is damaging to it too. This is a common problem among headset users. They unconsciously and habitually do this. As a result, the headset either loses its quality or becomes damaged.

cabbeling problems can be avoided

If the headset has to be unplugged then it has to be done directly at the adapter. Pulling on the cord of the headset might break it off, or it may damage the wires inside of the cord.


The surfaces of the headset should be cleaned after use. Makeup residue, sweat, oils, and hair products can potentially penetrate the surface of the headset. It may interfere with the operation of the headset. A damp cloth or an alcohol-free wipe is best used to clean the headset.

At times the microphone or headphone openings can get clogged. It is best to use condensed air to clean them up.

There are a lot more ways to prolong the life of the headsets. But taking those simple measures can double the life expectancy of one of your valuable assets.