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Establishing a unique brand name and reaching out to consumers takes a lot of hard work and dedication, there is no denying that. However, a company that wants to make it big has to put some focus on customer relations. Connecting with the consumer is an important aspect of developing your brand and expanding your reach. Word of mouth is not to be underestimated, particularly in the Internet Age, when a single voice can be heard across continents. So, it’s best to keep the customers happy.

A big part of this is allowing consumers to voice their complaints and ask questions. Although email inquiries and comments left on Facebook are a good way to get feedback and cover a wide range of questions, it is still much easier for people to get the information they need through direct conversation than through sending messages back and forth. This is why various methods should be combined to give the consumers multiple avenues of getting the information they need.  


It is important for people to feel like their voice is being heard, that what they say and do can actually affect their surroundings. Big companies are aware of this and they openly engage in discussions about the quality of their products and services. They encourage a healthy amount of criticism that balances out the accolades, as user feedback can be a very useful tool for assessing your current business practices. We are all striving to improve. Many people are quick to praise a company even after receiving a faulty product if the company handled the matter well. It’s more difficult to indiscriminately critique a company when there is a person with a name and personality who is being respectful and trying to help you solve your problem on the other side.

With virtual PBX, it’s easy to get great customer service even on a small budget

The biggest concern for small businesses looking to expand is always the budget. It’s not that entrepreneurs don’t understand the value of a certain service, like the importance of effective communication with their clients; it’s that they have very limited funds and must cut corners. Well, with virtual PBS, you have a cost-effective solution that can work with businesses of all sizes. With a good internet connection and a small investment, you can quickly cover all your customer service needs from automatic attendants and call forwarding, to custom caller ID and call screening.

A toll free number can instill confidence and trust

Being able to speak to an actual person, a representative of the company they are dealing with, means a whole lot to people, especially if that person is helpful and accommodating. Most products have a warranty that allows customers to send the products to be fixed or replaced, free of charge if they are faulty, so it stands to reason that the customers don’t expect to be charged for some basic information. A company that allows people to call and simply ask about anything that is puzzling or worrying them is seen as a trustworthy company that stands by its products. This brings us to the next point.

Smaller businesses can use great customer service as their main selling point

Sometimes, you’ll find that even well-established brands fail to provide good customer service, and this is one area where a smaller company can take on one of the big dogs and compete for its place on the market. When you give people a very warm and personal experience, you suddenly cease to be a nameless and faceless corporate entity and become a sort of friend. If the customers know that you will take care of their needs, they will keep coming back and spreading the word about the company amongst family members and their network of friends and acquaintances. Many new companies have benefited greatly from free publicity as people talked about them on forums and in YouTube videos, the people who spent an equal amount of time praising the quality of their service, as well as the actual products. Having a polite and helpful employee at the phone can make all the difference in the world and it can help you create a loyal customer base.

Integrating social media, blogging and virtual PBX to give the customers all the information they need, while getting some good feedback in return, is the way of the successful modern company. The customer may not always be right, but just by being there, be ready to listen and provide help, you are converting a lot of skeptical first-time buyers into loyal fans of your brand.

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