Vaddio EasyIP Ceiling Mic D & Vaddio CeilingMIC review

Vaddio CeilingMic and EasyIP CeilingMIC D microphones are the last and improved models of ceiling microphones of Vaddio. They both look the same and come with a sleek design. Both are easy to install and use. While testing them, we liked their discreet appearance and sound quality. And we are sure you will also like the Vaddio Ceiling Mics.

We tried both microphones over the past week, and here is what we have learned.

The next section presents the differences between Easy IP Mic D and the CeilingMIC. The rest of the article refers to both microphones as they have much in common. The audio quality and appearance are practically the same.

The differences between them

Connecting with the rest of the audio system is the main difference between the two Vaddio mics.

The newest model EasyIP Ceiling Mic D uses the Dante audio protocol to connect directly to a network port or another device part of the network.

Conversely, the Vaddio CeilingMIC is connected using a Cat5E cable to Vaddio-compatible devices like the EasyIP Mixer or the AV Bridge 2×1. The Vaddio CeilingMIC does not provide Dante connectivity.

Both microphones use a single cable for power, connection to other devices, and audio.

Another difference between the two mics is the cable length from the interface box to the rest of the equipment. The Vaddio CeilingMIC is equipped with a 100-foot (30-meters) long cable. The new Dante model -Easy IP Mic D uses a much longer 328-feet (100-meters) long cable for this purpose.

At a Glance

Vaddio EasyIP Ceiling Mic D and Vaddio CeilingMIC are omnidirectional (360-degree) ceiling microphones. They use a standard RJ45 CAT5E port, meaning up-to-15 feet long custom* cable can extend the mic’s drop length.

* The microphones come with a 3-foot-long cable out of the box. It is just the right size for a standard room with a height of 8-9 feet. 

The Vaddio mics are available in black and white colors. They have a stylish design with the acoustic fabric wrap adding up. A red light illuminates through the fabric and indicates when the microphone is muted. 

Both microphones are adjustable and suitable for conference, presentation, and training rooms. The drop cable can be adjusted to different room heights.

Two or more such microphones can be used simultaneously when needed. Be it for larger spaces or when more participants are expected.

You can see at a glance that Vaddio spared no effort while designing the microphones. It looks like (and much better than) the POLYCOM HDX while missing its flaws.

They will help you get everything off the table and resolve table clutter, as they are ceiling microphones.

If you want a mic with a minimalistic unobtrusive design, these microphones will perfectly serve your needs.

Audio performance

The microphones keep excellent audio quality, even far from the speaker. It is worth noting that both mics have the same audio specifications and, respectfully, the same audio quality.

When tested, the mics provided a professional quality and exceptional conference experience. They are specifically adjusted to catch speech and to omit other sounds. They are also 360-degree omnidirectional mics, so there is no need to worry about the speaker’s exact location in the room if he is too far or close to the microphone. The mics capture all sounds in the room while filtering the undesired environmental noises. 

Vaddio microphones are adjusted to capture sounds in the vocal range (100 Hz – 16 000 Hz). Any undesired lateral sounds are filtered with digital sound processing(DSP) support. The DSP includes equalization, filtering, and automatic gain control (AGC). 

The microphone is also equipped with echo cancellation technology.

The tests revealed the optimal distance from the microphone is about 5 feet. The microphone captures sounds with good audio quality in a range of up to 10 feet. So it is advisable to adjust the microphone’s position according to this range or install the mic up to 10 feet away at the max. A larger distance, from 10 to 15 feet or more, leads to fine audio quality, so it is still usable but not recommended.

The mic best suits a table with up to 5 or 6 participants. You might want to consider using more than one microphone for larger spaces. For example, a room with 8-10 participants would need two Vaddio Ceiling Mics.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The EasyIP Ceiling Mic D supports Dante’s audio protocol, which means one cable is used for power and audio connection. 

Both mics are connected to the ceiling box through a standard RJ45 Cat5E cable. The microphones come with a 3-foot-length adjustable cable for this purpose. 

We had no problems connecting the microphone. The installation went easy and fast for both microphones.

If the ceiling is too high and a longer cable is necessary, there is an easy solution. The standard RJ45 microphone connection allows using a custom cable up to 15 feet long.

The ceiling box is lightweight and easier to install with its plug-and-play design. The ceiling box uses EasyMIC ports (Cat5E cable or better is necessary) to connect to the network or any device it needs to connect to. 


The two Vaddio microphones have a three-year warranty when purchased from authorized resellers. This is a clear advantage compared to other brands, as most brands usually offer a one- or two-year warranty.

Final words

Vaddio Easy IP Mic is one reliable quality ceiling microphone. It would perfectly fit those who seek aesthetics and unobtrusive design in the room at an affordable price. It is easy to install and easy to use. Adjustable to different room sizes. The Easy IP Mic will meet your expectations if you decide to give it a try.

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