Yealink CP900 Teams Review

Yealink CP900 Teams is a solid high-end compact speakerphone. An elegant, multifunctional device that is as reliable both in huddle rooms and home offices.

There’s always room for improvement, but the CP900 passed all our performance tests with flying colors. One can tell that Yealink did its very best to compete with Jabra or Sennheiser in the premium compact speakerphone category.

The thing(s) that gives it a competitive edge The trend for office communication is to go deeper and deeper into cross-device integration. If your business already uses MS Teams, the CP900 should probably be the clear speakerphone of choice.

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Design: The CP900 comes in a protective zipper bag that is quite compact while also feeling sturdy. 

Also, the speakerphone fills the bag’s single large department. There is no space for the CP900 to be joggling around the case while on the go. Traveling users can ensure that no harm will come to their CP900 Teams inside its zipper case.

As for the speakerphone itself, it is safe to say the CP900 Teams is attractive. It has a distinct look compared to its competitors, Jabra Speak 710 or EPOS Sennheiser SP30. Whereas most compact speakerphones go for that purely utilitarian look, the CP900 Teams adds some flair with its salient futuristic curves.

Nevertheless, regarding overall device design, the CP900 Teams is a pretty generic compact speakerphone. Its upper part is reserved for the actual speaker and the buttons. The lower part works as a cord management system.

And just like most compact speakerphones, the CP900 Teams has buttons at the speakerphone’s rounded periphery.

However, some additional design elements are unique to the CP900. For example, there’s a light indicator surrounding the speaker. In its turn, this indicator also does a few practical things.

The first of those: Displays the changing volume level while users adjust it. Then, it also shifts between green and red depending on whether you are on a call or have decided to mute the mic.

The green light indicates a call going on, And the surrounding neighbors: the Power button, Bluetooth, Mute, Volume adjustment/Call handling buttons, plus – a dedicated MS Teams button for boosting Teams workflow. 

Along with the standard buttons, the CP900 Teams also has a dedicated MS Teams button. When pressed, users evoke the Teams platform on the device they are using the CP900 with.

The Teams button activates the paired device’s virtual voice assistant when held continuously. If it is a Microsoft device, that would be Cortana.

However, this particular option of the Teams button is not restricted to devices using Teams alone (nor Microsoft in general). For example, the Teams button evokes Siri when paired with an iPhone.

The lower part of the CP900 Teams is a cord management system. Users can wrap the USB cable around it when not in use.

The lower part is designed to function as a cord management system for the USB cable.

Audio: The CP900 has wideband audio and a Yealink Optime HD Voice system. Combined with 6 embedded AEC-ready (‘Auto Echo Cancellation’) microphones, this makes for excellent acoustic performance. 

We tested the CP900 in several scenarios to assess its overall audio performance. The first test took place in a huddle room in a round-table scenario. The other took place in a home-office setting. 

In addition, the CP900 Teams was also tested for its music playback capacities. The music audio delivered was clear and nice. At the same time, the CP900’s speaker has a 7W of maximum power output. This means that the sound can get rather loud. 

However, users can increase the volume generously. They need not worry that any distortions in the sound might occur.

Another factor that made the listening experience more wholesome was the speakerphone’s bass. It is a little hard to spot during a call, but it is evident while playing music.

The ‘bass amount’ is well-measured in the CP900 Teams. It succeeds in adding richness to the sound without distorting it.

The on-call audio delivery is crystal clear, too That is due to Yealink’s signature wideband audio, also used for Yealink’s IP phones. There are no surprises here regarding maintaining their audio quality standards.

The six microphones do wonders for the CP900 Teams. They play a key role in the speakerphone’s 360-voice pick-up technology. By being positioned around the speaker’s periphery, they can find what might come from any side. In addition, the voice pick-up system has a range of 6.5 ft.

This means the CP900 would be a perfect fit for a round table of six people. And that s also why it is a recommended device for huddle rooms.

For personal use or an office room with up to three participants, the smaller model Yealink CP700 is also an option, coming at a more reasonable price.

Another great thing about the CP900 microphones is the echo cancellation capability. This feat re is good for both in a huddle room and a private space.

When placed right next to a PC, it successfully mutes the keyboard typing sounds just a few inches away. It takes the AEC sensor just a second to detect the sound. Then, type ng is muted. Conversely, the outgoing voice is clear and crisp.

It is safe to say that the AEC technology ensures a better conversation for both sides.

Durability: According to the manufacturer’s information, the battery will carry a good 12-hour talk time. Although such scenarios are very unlikely, the claim was still tested.  

And it comes close to those 12 hours. Users can be confident it will get them through the workday (sometimes even through overtime).

Charging the CP900 Teams fully takes around 5 hours. Further, according to Yealink, the total standby time amounts to 450 days.

Connectivity & Set-Up: The CP900 Teams connects to other devices via USB and Bluetooth. Either way, it is easy getting the CP900 started. It is not more than a simple plug-and-play procedure.

Once the USB/Bluetooth has been connected to the other device, there is no other configuring work.

For wirelessly connecting the CP900 Teams to PCs that do not support Bluetooth, the BT50 dongle will be required. This item must be ordered additionally, as it is not included in the default CP900 package.

Warranty: Like nearly all Yealink products, the CP900 Teams has a 1-year warranty (applies to products ordered directly from the manufacturer or authorized resellers only).

Final Words: Regarding compact high-end business speakerphones, not Yealink first comes to mind. And yet, Sealink has an answer if looking for one such audio equipment: the CP900 Teams. Moreover, the CP900 Teams would be quite a good pick-up for most of Yealink’s IP phones.

For it is a slick-looking compact speakerphone with a premium audio system. In addition, it is quite flexible. It minimi es the pairing hassle – it seamlessly links to other devices via its built-in Bluetooth and USB.

Compact speakerphones are generally intended for huddle rooms. The CP900 Teams is recommended for a table with up to 6 conversation participants. However, compact speakerphones are increasingly used in home offices in the new workspace realities.

If your business is already committed to MS Teams, then the CP900 should be one of the top candidates for a compact speakerphone.

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