Yealink MP56 review

The Yealink MP56 is a device that feels like a desk phone but technically isn’t one. Instead, it is an entirely Teams-dedicated device.

As the adoption of MS Teams across all business organizations recently accelerated, the release of devices such as the Yealink MP56 is only apt. The MP56 is the latest of Yealink’s recent breed of office equipment, entirely dedicated to work with Microsoft Teams.

The MP56 has been thoroughly designed to enhance productivity and it shows. The Teams interface is synchronized with the device’s hard buttons, thus making the navigation a breeze. Plus, the overall flow of interaction is further eased up by the large touchscreen.

The MP56 is a very solid choice.

Design & Appearance

The Yealink MP56 is one clean-looking media phone. It combines a large screen with a classic-looking matte body and symmetrically arranged keys.

Unfortunately, the handset’s plastic surface is not scratch-resistant. On the other hand, it is a HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) handset. It is built in a way that facilitates listening for people with hearing problems.

The MP56 has a display as large as that of its closest Teams relative – the T56A-Teams. Both devices share having a 7-inch screen. And for both, navigation is eased up by the fairly large screen.  

However, the MP56’s display resolution (800×480) is not as high as that of the T56A-Teams (1024×600). 

Nevertheless, the MP56’s screen features a LED indicator at its top. Its function is to notify users of voicemail or missed calls. Much like the flashing light of mobile devices.

A positive novelty about the MP56 is the dedicated Teams key. It can be used for performing multiple functions, either by itself or in combination with some of the on-screen ‘soft keys. 

System & Sound Performance

After a week-long stretch of testing, the MP56 consistently maintained a fast application response.

That ‘quickness’ is attributed in large to the Android 9 OS. In its turn, the fast application response makes for one smooth interaction between users and the device.

Another improvement from previous (yet recent) Yealink Teams-optimized phones is the overall operative performance.

In addition to software improvement, the new and powerful chip maintains a stable operating environment. And since operational stability is ensured, we can say that the MP56 is a viable long-term solution.

The Audio Experience

Yealink phones are known to exhibit excellent sound-related capabilities. Therefore, the two-way audio quality of the MP56 is unsurprisingly solid.

The MP56 is equipped with an HD voice system, incorporating both the phone’s handset and speaker. In other words – it has a crystal-clear sound in any conversation scenario.

Also, the speakerphone utilizes an AEC function (Auto Echo Cancellation) for preventing the audio from dispersing. This feature has proved over time to greatly improve the speakerphone experience.

There isn’t really much to be expanded about the audio quality. Unless unexpected circumstances cause technical errors, the MP56 will provide an excellent audio experience.

Connectivity, Compatibility, Integration

The MP56 has a single USB 2.0 (type A) port. One way to utilize this port might be with the associated Yealink UH36 Teams headset. The UH36 is a perfect match for Yealink Teams devices, both in terms of audio synchronization and expanded functionality.

But perhaps more importantly, the MP56 has built-in Bluetooth. One that actually functions handsomely, at that.

Users can now effortlessly connect their Bluetooth headset without any additional hardware. Gone are the days when a dedicated Bluetooth dongle was necessary for that.

In addition to the built-in Bluetooth, the MP56 also has a built-in 5G Wi-Fi. The other option for network connectivity is through the Ethernet port at the back.

As with most IP phones, the MP56 can be powered via a PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) cable. The advantage of a PoE cable is that it functions both as a network cable and a power supply.

However, not all routers have a PoE switch. In case you don’t have one, yet you wish to use PoE, consider getting the Yealink PoE Adapter YLPOE30.

If not interested in making use of the PoE mode of power supply, users can opt for the 5.0V AC adaptor instead. Just to be kept in mind that it, too, must be purchased separately. 

The MP56 also has a spare RJ9 handset port (for whatever it might be needed). And last but not least, there is a Security lock port.

The MP56 fully supports Office 365. So far, the MP56 indeed seems to be less and less on the telephone side and more on the app one (it doesn’t even have a hook switch.

The Teams Workflow & Functionalities

The Teams interface is as simplified and easy-to-navigate as it gets. Nothing too complicated and much like most smartphones. Users can play around and tweak their preferences such as theme color or a screensaver.

As for their Teams’ profiles, they can set status updates and select a profile image. Ringtones can also be customized.

As the MP56 is fully dedicated to MS Teams, all the Teams functions and features are at hand. One such feature is the option to assign delegates, who can take calls on your behalf. This way, any incoming calls will be redirected to them.

Conversely, if you have been assigned as someone’s delegate, you will be contacted by redirected numbers.

Another Teams-specific feature is the transcribed voicemail. That is, audio messages in the voicemail can be converted into plain text. This can be useful if you need to pass important information to a colleague that is currently busy.

And of course, perhaps the most revolutionary thing about Teams: meetings. Users can now schedule and attend meetings easier than ever. Joining any meeting is a click away and that makes for a tremendously smooth workflow.

Final Words

The MP56 is the latest product of Yealink and Microsoft’s collaborative efforts. Recently the two companies put out several joint Teams-dedicated devices and we can clearly say that this is the best one available at the moment.

With the advent of the ‘new normals’, Teams will become more prevalent, and therefore – more devices like the MP56 will become available.

Yealink has delivered a rock-solid Teams device with the MP56. One that introduces new features, while preserving the hard phone’s workflow.

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