Yealink T58V Review

Ideally, the Yealink T58V would be the golden mean between a desk phone and a smart device.

And at a glance, the T58V has everything working for it. It delivers crystal-clear sound, is very easy to use, and with many customization and connectivity options.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Perhaps the biggest one is the operating system. An updated version should enable the T58V to deploy its full potential indeed.

Appearance & Design

Right out of the box, the Yealink T58V is not late to impress. The 7-inch display immediately catches the eye.

The display can be tilted back and forth generously, which provides extra flexibility.

But more importantly, it delivers vibrant colors. Also, the touchscreen is quite responsive. In its turn, this makes the workflow nice and smooth.

Moreover, the touchscreen is a multi-point one. This means that it allows for performing more complex tasks involving more than one finger (e.g., pinch-to-zoom).

It does feel like a smartphone in this regard.

The other stand-out component is, of course, the CAM50 HD camera. This is a detachable camera, which is pre-configured to work with the T58V.

Just like the screen, the camera’s angle can also be adjusted. Keep in mind that CAM50 has a sliding privacy switch at its front.

As for its performance, this will be discussed in greater length in one of the sections below.

Apart from these novel components, the rest of the T58V is standard. It looks and feels like a T5S Yealink phone:

The illuminated call-handling options on the right, the metallic number pad, the anti-scratch surface, and the nice heavy handset.

Speaking of the handset, it is HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible). It is equipped with technology that makes listening easier for people with hearing loss.

Last, but not least, the T58V is wall-mountable. This makes it a viable option not only for personal spaces but also for shared ones.

User Experience & Features

As mentioned, the T58V looks to incorporate the smart device experience into the desk phone. And in terms of on-screen navigation, it did so successfully.

The T58V is a breeze to navigate. All settings, applications, or contacts are easily accessed. Even if this is your first Yealink T5S phone, the learning curve should be plain.

The T58V runs on the Android 5.1.1 operating system. It has a few stripped-down but useful apps, such as an audio recorder and a simple browser.

It must be mentioned that Android 5.1.1 is not designed for heavier apps. There is no Google Play store installed. And for a good reason.

Users can get Google Play and then use it for downloading heavier apps. However, these are not guaranteed to work properly or on the T58V.

This is the one major drawback of the T58V. Android 5.1.1 is not particularly compatible with most business communication software.  

It does not work very well with softphones such as Zoom, Skype, or Cisco Jabber.

Even if users manage to download and install them via TFTP, the apps are not guaranteed to work properly. Unfortunately for softphone app enthusiasts, there is more bad news.  

Unlike other recent Yealink phones, it is not upgradable to Microsoft Teams. So, what is your best option for using a phone like the T58V with a Teams-optimized interface?

This would be getting the T58A-Teams and also purchasing the CAM50 camera additionally.

Nevertheless, the T58V retains some of the ‘purely telephonic’ features. For starters, it has 27 DSS keys. These are programmable keys that can be set for various functions.

One of the most common scenarios is setting the keys as speed dial buttons. However, there are other options as well.

The keys can be programmed directly from the device or Yealink’s web-based admin panel.

Related Video: Set Yealink DSS Keys from the web-based admin panel.

The T58V supports up to 3-party video conferencing, up to 5-party audio conferencing, and up to 16 VoIP accounts.

Also, there is a phonebook with a capacity of 1000 entries. One of the handier features of the T58V is that it allows for data import via Bluetooth.

This means that users can import contacts from other devices because they also have Bluetooth technology.

On-Call Performance


Regarding acoustic performance, the T58V is backed by Yealink’s signature HD voice system. It ensures great two-way audio both for the handset and speakerphone.

When tested, the T58V delivered a crystal-clear sound from the other party.

Conversely, the outbound speech was on point as well. Here, Yealink’s NoiseProof technology made its presence felt.  

Even though some background noises were happening in the room, the other party did not report hearing that.

There is not much to be said about Yealink’s overall audio performance, fortunately, for all the good reasons.

It is safe to say that the T58V delivers what is a superb two-way acoustic quality.


As for the visual performance, the T58V does well enough in this department.

This can be attributed to the CAM50 HD camera and the device’s video playback capacities.

While the camera can deliver clear images, the T58V can deliver a 720p@30fps video experience.

This might not seem as much on paper. Especially in the light of all the smartphones with boosted camera capabilities. However, it is just perfect for video conferencing.

One useful feature of the camera is that it allows for self-view. In other words, it allows users to see a local video preview before entering a conference.

Connectivity & Integration

The T58V has multiple connectivity options. It has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.3, and a single USB port (generally used for the camera but can also be used for other devices).

Also, the T58V has a PoE-enabled Gigabit Ethernet port. This means that a single cable can be used to supply the device with both power and network.

However, using PoE connectivity is not the most common scenario. What are the powering alternatives, then?

Users will need to additionally obtain an AC power adapter (as it is not included in the default package)

And can the T58V be paired with expansion modules? Like its camera-less counterpart – the T58A – the T58V can be paired with up to 3 Yealink EXP50 expansion modules.

One novelty about phones from Yealink’s T5S series is their ability to integrate with door security systems.

This means that users can see whoever is at the door and grant him passing directly from the T58V. This can be extremely handy, especially in a home office setting.

Set-Up & Configuration

The phone can be turned on immediately after it has been plugged. It can be fully customized, and then a web configuration from the phone can be performed.

A few simple steps must be followed once in the admin panel. The procedure should not take more than 5 minutes, even for people with little technical expertise.

Final Word

Overall, the Yealink T58V is not a bad C-level phone. It is quite good. It clicks on almost all places except for a few, so it happens that they are major ones. 

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