Why Yealink’s UH36 headset? Basically, because they are reliable while also being affordable. And because they would be a great fit with most Yealink phones, given that you have any in your workspace.

Being around the mid-level price point, the UH36 is an excellent value-for-money headset device. One that has all basics in check:

Good build quality; the audio and mic quality is clear; the YHC20 module is a real productivity booster.

Yealink is better known for its IP phones, rather than for its headsets. In fact, this is one of the very few headsets released by the company.

But regardless, what can the UH36 do for you? And more importantly – would it fit right in your office? This review will provide you with all the relevant information for deciding.

Design & Appearance

The UH36 comes in both mono and stereo versions – single and dual-ear, respectively.

These are headsets, intended for workers at places such as call centers and increasingly – for office professionals working from home.

Still, the UH36 would be particularly valued in call centers and shared workspaces for its LED availability indicator. This way, co-workers will be aware when someone is on a call before reaching out for something.

But regardless of working in a call center, a shared office space, or from home, one thing is certain: the UH36 is meant for heavy usage.

That potential heavy usage factor is balanced out by the headset’s lightweight design. Both the mono and the dual version are as light as any similar headsets.

The ‘on-ear cushions also contribute to long-lasting comfort. They feel soft on the ear and the leather is breathable, thus preventing sweating.

Maintaining the cushions in perfect condition has been made easy, too. They are easily taken off if needed also taken for a bath.

Users can adjust the over-the-head fit by regulating back and forth the sliding mechanism at the headset’s top. The single-ear version has a sliding mechanism solely on its active side.

The UH36’s boom microphone, too, can be generously adjusted. The microphone arm rotates 330 ° – almost a full circle.

For the mono version, this means that the headset can be worn on any ear.

Also, the microphone itself is quite lengthy. This allows it to be positioned at various height levels. And certainly, without compromising the quality of speech transmission.

The headset comes with a simple black drawstring pouch as a storing accessory.

 Sensible enough on Yealink’s part. Experience shows that in the long term, such a pouch is one of the better anti-dusting solutions.


The UH36 headset can be used with laptops, tablets, mobile, or IP phones. Either through a 3.5 jack or a USB port.

With the 3.5 jack, it is a pretty straightforward business. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is generally recommended to use it with mobiles and tablets.

This is because, with the USB connection, there is an additional module piece that is only utilized with a PC/Mac or IP phone.

Other than that, simply plug the UH36 into the smartphone or tablet device and immediately begin using the headset for talking and listening to audio. Standard 3.5 jack procedure indeed.

On to the USB mode of connectivity. The USB is 2.0 (or A-type) and works only with PC and IP phones. 

Also, it requires the YHC20 module component: a call control unit providing users with additional enhanced functions.

This type of connectivity is superior to the 3.5 jack because it synchronizes the headset audio with the device’s audio. 

The YHC20 works as both an adaptor and a controller. The YHC20 component is not sold separately on its own, neither is it compatible with any other headset.

Compatibility & Integration

Unsurprisingly, the UC36 Mono/Dual is suitable for such native integration across many Yealing IP phones. 

When connected to these Yealink IP phones, the headset’s audio quality reaches new levels of ‘clear’. Another benefit comes with compatible Yealink phones’ multiple call control.

Here’s the full list of matching devices:


*For the T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S, firmware should be upgraded to version 82 or higher. However, all phones must use version 85 or higher for the enhanced YHC20 functions.  

**Yealink phones not in the above list can only be paired through the 3.5 jack, thus not being natively integrated with the UH36.

If having some of the phones from the list, all it takes is a simple plug-and-play procedure to have the headset fully synchronized with the IP phone.

The same goes when connecting to a PC/Mac, yet with one tiny difference. Users need to download Yealink’s driver file to have the headset up, running and the audio – in sync.

Once the YHC20 is connected and synchronized with either a PC or a compatible Yealink IP phone, one can make use of the Mute, Answer/Hang-up, or the Volume Adjustment buttons.

All of these are conveniently placed on the YHC20 body. These, plus one additional button: the ‘UC’ button, or the ‘Teams’ button.

Depending on whether having the Teams or the UC version of the headset. Consider paying attention to this before ordering.

What exactly does the ‘enhanced’ button do? In the UC version, it works as a Redial button.

In the Teams version, the ‘enhanced’ blue button evokes the Teams client home screen, or if continuously pressed – activates Cortana.

Cortana, of course, is the virtual assistant developed by Microsoft.

It goes without saying that to use the Teams version of the UH36 headset, users best first have a Teams client installed on their PC/Mac device.

Alternatively, it can be paired and used with some of Yealink’s Teams-certified media phones such as the T58A Teams.

Audio Quality

Regardless of using the mono or the dual version, the UH36 delivers equally high-quality audio both for listening and for speech alike.

This is where almost all Yealink products take the edge on competitors. The audio quality always remains on-point.

Equipped with wideband HD audio technology, the UH36 Mono/Dual maintains consistently clear and audible conversation.

Also, the headset manages to isolate and sometimes fully eliminate background noises. Even when stuck in a noisy environment, operators would still clearly hear customers’ (or someone else’s) inquiries.

On the other hand, the microphone is equipped with noise-canceling technology for delivering a crisp and clear speech to the other side.

When we tested, the mic always performed flawlessly.

Last but not least, the embedded ActiveProtection technology prevents sudden noise spikes from harming the ears. When tested, it did successfully alleviate noise spikes resulting from signal breakdowns.

Final Words

The nice, solid headset is an essential piece of office equipment. However, it can get expensive. Especially if looking to equip the entire office.

In such a scenario, the most viable solutions can hardly come from Jabra and Plantronics. But they might come from a company like Yealink.

Yealink might be new to the headset category, but they have accelerated like no other in the VoIP telephony market.

One of the reasons for Yealink’s success has been its ability to remain fundamentally sound across its entire portfolio.

All their devices are good for performing essential telephone functions, regardless of what additional productivity-enhancing features they might be equipped with.

This is especially evident when it comes to the sound aspect. Both audio deliverance and microphone capacities.

And Yealink’s consistently maintained clean, acoustic performance is echoed in the UH36 as well.

The audio quality, combined with the handiness of the YHC20 makes the UH36 a serious candidate for thriving workspaces. Especially ones who have already fully adopted MS Teams.

Get the UH36’s full Datasheet

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