Shure CVG418 and Shure CVG 412 are part of the low-budget series microphones of Shure. Still, for their low price, the CVG 418 and CVG 412 have a lot to boost with.

Shure CVG18 and CVG 12’s were released 4 years ago. They are well-known microphones that keep being popular through these years.


CVG-12, CVG-18 – come without a base

Shure CVG-12D and CVG-18D are the same mics but with a built-in desktop base.

Additionally sold:

ACVG4WS-B – Snap-fit windscreens for Centraverse CVG Gooseneck Microphones, 4 pack

CVD-B – Desktop base for Centraverse 12” and 18” gooseneck microphones

At a Glance

Shure CVG418 and CVG412 are XLR gooseneck microphones that use phantom power. Meaning that the mixer used for it should support phantom power too. 

CVG418 and CVG412 are one and the same model with the only difference being the length of the gooseneck (18 or 12 inches). 

Both microphones have an elegant unobtrusive designs. They look quite smooth and feel sturdy and stable. The goosenecks have two flexible (but still firm) parts at the top and at the bottom.

The mic comes with just a few accessories out of the box. A windscreen and a mounting flange (available only for models without a desktop base). But this is quite understandable as these mics are part of the low-budget series of Shure.

Shure CVD-B is the desktop base recommended for this mic. It is a simple low budget base without extra buttons. Still, it is very stable and weighty. The microphone base comes with a 12-feet (3.6 m) long XLR cable coming out of its backside.

What is this mic suited for?

Shure CVG418 and CVG-412 are usually used as podium microphones for presentations,  conferences, lecterns, presentations, and other educational purposes. The models with a desktop base are better suited for conference rooms. 

The choice with or without a base depends on the room conditions where the mic is going to be used. 

What is great about this mic is that it allows the speaker to move freely within a short distance near the mic. It keeps the good sound quality within several feet.

With its great pickup range also it can be used by two speakers sitting next to each other. In such cases, we recommend picking the mic with the cardioid polar pattern. The supercardioid polar pattern is better suited for a single speaker.

Model Configurations

Consider the size: the sizes stated in the model name – 12 or 18 inches refer only to the size of the gooseneck. The actual size of the whole microphone is longer than that.

Besides the differences in length, Shure CVG18 and CVG12 have several configurations to choose from. 

Models without a desktop base are named Shure CVG12 and CVG18. They come with an inline preamp only, which is also included in all the other configurations.

The model without a desktop base is used as a podium microphone and is installed with a flange included in the package.

Mics without a desktop base can also be used with an XLR desktop base purchased separately. The desktop base offered by Shure for this model is  Shure CVD-B. 

Still, the mic can be used with another XLR base if you already have one available. Mind the Shure CVG mics have an XLR male connector, so the base should have a female connector.

The models with an integrated desktop base are marked with “D”: Shure CVG12D and Shure CVG18D

  • With or without a mute switch

Models with a Mute switch are marked with S

  • Shure CVG12S / CVG18S – without a desktop base
  • CVG12DS / Shure CVG18DS – with an integrated desktop base
  • With a mute switch and a light-ring 

Models with a light ring and a mute switch end in RS

  • CVG12RS / CVG18RS – without a desktop base
  • CVG12DRS / CVG18DRS – with an integrated desktop base

Choosing a polar pattern

The polar pattern has two options: supercardioid and cardioid.

The cardioid pattern is applicable for a larger number of cases and situations. Especially when the mic is used by two speakers, or the speaker needs to stay a short distance away from the mic while speaking.

The supercardioid pattern has a little shorter pickup pattern than the cardioid one. So it is better suited for a single speaker, and in case you aim to reduce undesired noises from the surrounding environment

Audio Quality

Shure CVG12 and CVG18 are the only mics in this price range with RF immunity using the patented Shure’s Commshield technology.

As a whole the sound that is reproduced is clear. When listening to the reproduced sound of the mic, it makes the impression it has a high gain. Still, there is a little noise that increases as the gain is raised.

It is impressive that as a gooseneck mic the speaker does not need to remain constantly close to the microphone. It is acceptable if the speaker needs to move in close proximity to the mic. At a distance of about 12-15 inches away the mic still keeps the good audio quality. That is why it is acceptable for this mic if it is used by two speakers at the same time, especially using the cardioid polar pattern.


Shure SVG’s come with a Limited 2-Year Warranty. It covers any defects in materials and workmanship that became apparent in normal use after the date of purchase.

Final Words

Shure CVG18 and CVG12 are reliable microphones with a nice look and touch. The protection against RF interference and the wide pickup sensitivity makes these mics the perfect choice at this price range.

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