Best Conference Ceiling Microphones 2020

What are the advantages of ceiling microphones?

Ceiling microphones are certainly the most aesthetic solution among different types of conference microphones.

We made a list of the main advantages of ceiling microphones that will certainly convince you if ceiling microphones are the most suitable solution for your room:

  • Ceiling microphones can replace two or more gooseneck microphones. They can catch the voice of two or more speakers at the same time.
  • Ceiling microphones are the perfect solution for multipurpose rooms. The furniture can be moved without caring about any microphones put on the table.
  • The presenter does not have to interact directly with the microphone and can focus only on his speech.  Ceiling mics are the perfect choice when the talker is moving around the room or using visualization tools. 
  • Set and forget – once the microphones are installed, you do not need to worry about them again.
  • Ceiling microphones eliminate the noise of the table clutter like paper rustling, laptop fans, fingers tapping.

Ceiling microphones offer great flexibility and ease of use

When the ceiling microphones are the right choice?

Consider buying ceiling microphones in the following situations: 

  • many-to-many presentation, such the daily business meetings

Ceiling microphones are a flexible and easy-to-use solution for small and enlarged huddle rooms when the participants in the meeting are both talkers and listeners.


  • one-to-many presentation, such as lectures

The microphones can be installed in front of the stage – in cases of several presenters who prefer to move freely. 

Microphones can also be used to cover the audience, in case they are expected to take part in the discussion asking questions. In these cases using a sound system is recommended, so that the active microphone is turned on and the rest are turned off.

What is the best ceiling microphone for a conference room?

Sennheiser TeamConnect 2

We can’t say that Sennheiser TeamConnect 2 is just a good microphone. It is by far the best ceiling microphone solution.

This microphone uses patented beamforming technology to catch the position of the active speaker, which practically means it only catches the desired sound without any disturbing ambient noise. 

TeamConnect 2 is a perfect solution for various types of business rooms with its wide pickup range and easy integration to different sound systems. 

The microphone is suitable for multifunctional small to large rooms with impressive room space coverage of 60 square meters (680 square feet). It can work as a part of the current analog or digital audio system. It also features the Dante installation technology.

The microphone is powered over ethernet and can be controlled remotely everywhere from a mobile device or a laptop.

What suspended microphones do we recommend?

Suspended microphones can improve sound quality as they hang down from the ceiling and their proximity to the talkers can usually be adjusted. The closer the microphone, the better the audio quality. At the same time, the hanging microphones remain at such a distance that is not disturbing the participants of the meeting. 

They are usually used for small to medium-sized conference rooms. For larger conference rooms, several microphones are used to cover all participants.

Ceiling MIC
Polycom HDX


  • impressive wide pickup range
  • excellent sound quality with the Polycom patented stereo technology
 small, medium and large conferencing rooms,

collaboration rooms, training rooms,

on-stage presentations

Shure MX202

Shure MX202

  • different pickup cartridges available to choose from, to provide an optimal polar pattern
  • the gooseneck can be adjusted closer to the speaker
 small and medium conferencing rooms,

collaboration rooms, training rooms,

on-stage presentations and choirs

Audio Technica PRO45

Audio Technica PRO45

  • clear sound reproduction
  • best sound quality in this price range
small to medium conferencing rooms,

collaboration rooms, training rooms,

on-stage presentations and choirs

If you are looking for a microphone with a wide pickup range and perfect audio quality at a reasonable price, Polycom HDX is your best choice. This microphone is a one-size-fits-all solution for a great part of the conferencing rooms. 

It is a 360-degree microphone with a 12-feet pickup range and covers the remarkable 420 square feet of room space. Four microphones together cover an area of 1600 square feet! Up to four microphones can be installed in one conference room.

The microphone produces excellent sound quality with the Polycom StereoSurround™ and the Polycom noise-suppression technology. 


In the middle-class range, the Shure MX202 excels among the rest of the hanging microphones as a reliable solid-built microphone. It has a gooseneck that is suitable to adjust the microphone in a particular direction. 

Both, the Shure MX202 and the Audio Technica PRO45 possess a pickup range of about 3-4 feet and are suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. 

The Audio Technica PRO45 is our third choice in the list of hanging microphones. It comes in the low price range and still provides excellent quality with clear sound reproduction.

What flush-mounted ceiling microphones do we recommend?

Flush-mounted microphones as the name says, are so small they are hidden in the interior. These mics can practically be installed on any hard surface – on the ceiling, the wall, or on the table. They can become the right solution for non-standard room spaces. 


If the tables in the room are often moved, mounting a microphone on the table is not advisable


Keep in mind, once installed flush-mounted microphones cannot be freely moved. Drilling а hole at the specific microphone location should be planned.  To get excellent sound quality the placement of the mic should be adjusted according to its coverage area. Having in mind these restrictions, we recommend that a professional chooses and installs these microphones for you!

Ceiling Mic
Shure MX395


  • can be shared among up to 4 attendees
  • unobtrusive design
  • different pickup patterns
 small to medium conferencing rooms,

collaboration  and trainng rooms;

ceiling, table and wall-mountable

Sennheiser MEB104

Sennheiser MEB 104

  • can be shared among up to 4 attendees
  • unobtrusive design
  • excellent sound quality
 small to medium conferencing rooms,

collaboration  and trainng rooms;

ceiling, table and wall-mountable

Shure MX 395 is a low-profile, discreet microphone offered in three types of polar patterns. Choose the right polar pattern of this microphone according to the size of the room it is going to cover: 

  • cardioid polar pattern – the mic is going to be used by one or two speakers next to each other
  • omnidirectional polar pattern – the mic is going to be used by several participants, for example, the three attendees sitting at the bottom of the table
  • figure 8 pattern – usually used for two people sitting against each other.

If you need the active microphone to be visible, choose one of the modifications with an LED status light.

The microphone also features Shure’s CommShield Technology which secures protection against radio-frequency interference. 


We also picked the Sennheiser MEB 104 with its proven microphone capsule optimized for best speech intelligibility. Sennheiser is well-known for its impeccable audio quality, but this microphone comes at a higher price.

This microphone is a good choice in case the room will be used for multiple purposes. The microphone is offered in a cardioid pattern only. Using the same pattern on all microphones allows you to easily move furniture and adapt the room spaces for different business events.

Some advice on choosing a ceiling array microphone

Ceiling array microphones are the most innovative and high-end type of ceiling microphones. They are known as beamforming array microphones, as they use the audio beamforming technology. 


Beamforming microphones offer a number of conveniences for any conference or collaboration room.  These microphones can be used for conference rooms of various sizes and layout, because of their typically wider pickup range. These microphones can usually cover an area of about 10 standard microphones. 

Their position practically hides them from the view of the speaker, so he can concentrate only on his speech. They can be positioned in the following ways:

  • flush-mounted – become a part of the ceiling
  • hanging from the ceiling
  • installed on the wall or the table. 

Their only drawback is probably their price. They are more expensive compared to the rest of the ceiling microphones. Still comparing their range and ease of use, they are definitely worth the price.

Ceiling mic
Sennheiser Team Connect 2

Sennheiser TeamConnect 2

  • excellent pick up range
  • excellent sound quality
  • remote control from a mobile device
  • unobtrusive design
  • ceiling-mounted only
 all sizes of business conferencing rooms,

collaboration and trainng rooms;


ClearOne Ceiling Mic

ClearOne Ceiling Mic

  • excellent sound quality; it has the most advanced noise cancellation technology
  • can be table-, wall- or ceiling-munted
 small to large conferencing rooms,

collaboration  and trainng rooms;

Phoenix Audio Condor

Phoenix Audio Condor

  • USB microphone directly connected to the laptop
  • built-in SIP phone
  • wall-mountable, usually positioned above or below the monitor
 small to medium conferencing rooms,

collaboration  and trainng rooms;


The Sennheiser’s TeamConnect 2 excels with outstanding sound quality and its many features. It is by far the most innovative and top-quality ceiling microphone on the market at the moment. The secret of its perfect audio quality is the patented adaptive beamforming technology, which allows detecting the position of the currently active speaker. The directivity of the microphone focuses automatically on his position. 

TeamConnect 2 provides great flexibility for adjusting conference room spaces with its unprecedented room coverage of 680 square feet (60 square meters). 

The Sennheiser TeamConnect 2 can definitely be named a smart ceiling microphone, as it can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone or a laptop.


The ClearOne beamforming ceiling microphone boosts with the most advanced echo and noise cancellation technology. This microphone is suitable for large room spaces, too, although it has a smaller number of microphone capsules, compared to the Sennheiser solution. The ClearOne mic can cover a space of 9-12 standard microphones.

It can be installed on the table or the wall, while the Sennheiser does not have that option. Both of the microphones can be mounted on the ceilings (ceiling-mounted, suspended or flush-mounted).


The Phoenix Audio Condor is the perfect choice for those who seek top-quality plug-and-play microphone solution. It is a USB microphone, so you only need to connect it to a laptop to use it. It does not require a sound system or any additional audio equipment. Besides it has a built-in SIP phone, so it can be connected to the network and provide the functionality of a microphone and a  VoIP phone at the same time.

The Phoenix Audio Condor is an innovative microphone, and so is its appearance. It is a 48-inches long microphone array and is definitely not a ceiling microphone. It is wall-mountable, in order to be closer to connect directly to a PC. This mic is usually mounted below or above the monitor on the wall. 

The Phoenix Audio Condor can cover an area of a small to medium-sized room, as it has an optimal pick-up range of 15 feet (and a maximum pickup range up to 30 feet). For a larger room, two or more microphones can be used.


If you need to check out more microphone options to find your best conference microphone, you can take a look at our article about the main types of conferencing microphones.